Why it sucks to have a favorite color scheme

Who doesn't have a favorite color scheme? I am certain that most everyone has a set of colors they prefer, even if from a limited palette.

This is especially true for modern day programmers, who will have their text editor set to a custom theme. Their terminal set a specifical color. Their desktop background set to match these colors. It often doesn't require too much effort. At least, for setting up a single program. GNU+Linux users can range from KDE's menu-based customization to specially configuring their window manager.

This is of course, at ends with the gnome team. Who'd rather you didn't install custom icons or themes. Even if their point that "it could lead to inconsistent themes" is true in theory, it is false in practice. Anyone who cares enough to try and 'rice' their desktop will ensure everything is consistent and coherent. At least, for themselves. Desktop ricing is one of those things you can only really do for yourself. In most cases, you'll be the only person to ever see it.

Of course, it becomes difficult to manage a consistent theme when extra barriers are put infront of the user. Needing to configure many different files, not just setting theme colors but also fonts. Ensuring that the different programs can all run in unison and appear consistent. This can be easy to do if you rely on just a few programs. Even easier if all those programs can be given the same font/color scheme on say, terminal applications or in KDE.

Problems emerge when you can't apply a theme to a program that is a must-have. Or applying a custom theme is more difficult. For me, Discord and VSCode come to mind. I cannot theme discord without using TOS-breaching modifications. While VSCode has themes I like, it's not a trivial task to create one that I'd like. I'll be happy when I see the day where all my applications are using the Monokai theme.

Maybe one day we'll have color scheme singularity. Where we can apply one color scheme to all applications we use. Until then, it'll always suck to have a favorite color scheme. There'll always be that one program that you need, but can't apply those oh-so special colors to.